30 Under 30: The 30 Under 30 Transforming the Business of Marketing


The marketing and advertising industry has been one of the most rapidly evolving in the past decade, reshaped by disruptive technology that is redefining the relationship consumers and business customers have with brands.

Never before have there been as many ways for brands to connect with people—smartphones, tablets, apps, social media, video, even cars—and as much data generated as a result. And those modes and data will only proliferate in the coming years. In the new era of advertising, stalwart, storied brands such as Coca-Cola and GE vie for awareness, engagement and consideration with startup, modern, even renegade brands such as Airbnb, Casper, Vice and Shyp. Advertising agencies, traditionally partners of brand marketers, have been undergoing radical change too: They’re redefining how they work, what services they deliver, and what collaboration looks like in a multiplatform, data-rich world. Meanwhile, as the target audience gets younger, it is brands’ responsibility to advertise and market deftly and in a way that’s palatable to a discerning, critical and savvy Millennial and GenZ prospect.

Driving the transformation in all facets of the industry are young people who intimately know how to reach that generation because they are that generation. Equal parts marketer and consumer, they know what they want in their advertising, how they respond to marketing, and simply what the new brand relationship must look like because they are living it. [Read More]