Combining UX Design And Psychology To Change User Behavior


Have you ever wondered why your users do not interact with your product the way you hope? Persuading people to perform a particular action, like signing up or buying a product, is a challenge in most industries, especially when you want that action to be performed repeatedly.

As UX practitioners, we try to create the best conditions for users to complete their tasks, and yet even the most usable interface is sometimes not enough to engage users. Why is that?

To understand the reasons behind what drives users to certain behaviors, we need to look at the psychology that underlies the process of initiating and performing a behavior. Only when we understand the broader mechanisms that guide actions will we be able to create usable interfaces and conduct user-specific research.

In this article, we’ll explain from a psychological perspective what drives behavior, and we’ll share three tips on how you can use these insights along with UX best practices to change your users’ behavior. [Read More]