How Publishers (And Everyone Else) Can Maximize Their Email Marketing Efforts


An awesome study was just conducted by the folks at Folio Magazine and WhatCounts. It surveys a bunch of publishers, asking them about their challenges, goals and the opportunities presented to them by email marketing. It took place through the month of September, and we’re happy to share the results with all of you email marketers out there!

Publishers were asked about the top challenges that they face when it came to email marketing. From 1 to 7, publishers ranked list growth as their main challenge – last year they did so too. In second place came Monetization of the email channel (ads) at 4.04 – while ads within emails are becoming less obtrusive, the more adsy an email is, the more likely a subscriber might be to opt-out of a list or label an email as spam. In third place, in-house resources/expertise won the day – perhaps because businesses don’t allocate enough funds to hire either an email marketing expert, or team to handle it. The good news is that digital marketing budgets are on the rise, especially in the realm of email marketing. Some more good news, publishers ranked optimization the least challenging issue when email marketing, which means that everyone is slowly but surely realizing the importance of optimization in 2015. [Read More]