How to Succeed at Content Marketing in a Boring Industry


It’s easy to grab attention if you’re The Donald. There’s been no hotter topic on social media in 2015 than the Apprentice boss turned political lightning rod. Love him, hate him or just want to see what happens next, people can’t get enough of Donald Trump’s blitzkrieg towards the presidency.

Trump’s meteoric rise to GOP frontrunner isn’t solely due to his pugilistic nature and majestic lion’s mane. His campaign has embraced modern digital marketing methods to great success, receiving the highest grade of all 2016 candidates in an EPI Server study of social engagement.

When the campaign wants to post a defiant response to this week’s media controversy, they can press a button and send it to a captive audience of millions that can’t get enough Trumpmania.

It’s a content marketer’s dream. It’s also the exception to the rule – few topics are as “sexy” as Trump, and few businesses have that sort of influence. [Read More]