How Twitter Could Monetize the Entire Internet in One Click


So, Twitter’s in a hole. User growth stagnant, stock price plummeting, laying people off, swirling questions around how/whether Jack Dorsey can fix things.

Herein, we offer a proposal for how Twitter, with a very modest effort, could monetize (almost) the entire Internet, gain enormous goodwill, juice their earnings, help save journalism, and help motivate new usage of Twitter. Get the Street Off Their Back while they fix other stuff.

If you ask the average person what annoys them about the internet, you’ll mostly get the same answer: ads. But ads are the way internet content businesses get paid. The “subscription” model for content hasn’t caught on, because the cost barrier is too high. Most people don’t want to commit to $10/month for access to a website, with so much “free” content out there. Twitter has the opportunity to become the defacto Content Subscription service. [Read More]