Marketers Aren’t Meeting the Multi-Channel Challenge: CMO Council Has a Solution


The number of social media channels out there is not slowing customers down. But as consumers move fluidly from one app to the next, marketers are struggling to keep up.

A study released this month, “Brand Attraction from Enriched Interaction,” from the Chief Marketing Officer Council and sponsored by IBM Digital Experience, found marketers are still having issues providing engaging and coherent audience experiences across mobile, social and web channels.

On the question of how people rate their companies’ ability to “captivate and engage customers, partners and employees through evolving mobile, web and social channels,” a whopping 60% of respondents said their company just “moderately good” or “slowly evolving.” Only about 16% reported their company’s response was “good,” and a mere 5% said “very good.” Those figures were very similar for a question on effectively creating multi-channel digital campaigns. [Read More]