Outsourcing Data Science: What You Need to Know

More companies are creating data science capabilities to enable competitive advantages. Because data science talent is rare and the demand for such talent is high, organizations often work with outsourced partners to fill important skill gaps. Here are a few reasons to consider outsourcing. What can go right and wrong along the way? [Read More]

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5 Steps for Turning Big Data Into Smart Data

Big Data has become one of the key buzzwords for businesses everywhere over the last few years. With data of all kinds being produced in record amounts every year, collating and analyzing this information will give businesses more insights than ever before into their customers and their industries, and perhaps even let them predict what […]

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Top 5 Data-to-Decisions Trends to Know for 2016

Apache Spark, real-time, cloud BI & analytics, IoT, and self-service were the trends to watch in 2015, and they’ll continue to make waves in 2016. Here’s a look back on the big Data-to-Decisions stories of 2015 and a look forward on the trends of consequence for 2016. [Read More]

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Why You Should Own Your Data

If you’re just starting out with analytics, building an end-to-end analytics infrastructure is probably overkill (for reference, it cost a company with more than 500 employees 13 months and $240k to build theirs). However, having access to the raw underlying data is strongly encouraged nonetheless, since one day it can help you answer granular questions […]

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What the Dickens to Do About Marketing Tech

There’s no astute modern marketer who doesn’t know the name Scott Brinker. In 2011 the CTO of ion interactive and author of the Chiefmartec.com blog produced his first Lumascape-esque logorama of marketing tech solutions. Digitally overwhelmed marketing executives glommed onto it like Web shoppers to free shipping offers. Brinker had boiled down the tech solution […]

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Study Finds Marketers are Prioritizing Personalization… But are Further Behind Than They Realize

A new study by Forrester, commissioned by SAP Hybris, finds that although marketers are prioritizing personalization efforts across channels, they are less advanced than their customers think or expect. The study compares the perspectives of 200 marketers with those of 1200 consumers. Although two-thirds of the marketers surveyed rate their personalization efforts as “very good” […]

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Marketing Automation Lessons: What CMOs Would Do Differently Next Time

Marketing automation has become one of the foundation technologies for marketing teams looking to improve the way they identify prospects, nurture leads and manage customer communications. But these platforms don’t work in isolation, nor can they simply be implemented without the right support structures, change management processes and strategies in place. With the benefit of […]

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