Three Myths About the Digital Economy

The digital economy is bigger than you think. Much bigger. Some call it the Second Machine Age. The Germans refer to it as Industry 4.0. In Davos, the World Economic Forum has crowned it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. No one is playing down the future impact of digital. But there is a danger that many […]

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Machine Learning Can Fuel Smarter Online Experiences

Machine learning technology is making strides and offers potential for companies to deliver increasingly tailored, user-specific online experiences. Machine learning seeks to discover meaningful patterns within large amounts of data. Coupled with continuing innovations in cloud computing and big data analytics, this technology could radically change how enterprises manage digital content to produce innovative online […]

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30 Under 30: The 30 Under 30 Transforming the Business of Marketing

The marketing and advertising industry has been one of the most rapidly evolving in the past decade, reshaped by disruptive technology that is redefining the relationship consumers and business customers have with brands. Never before have there been as many ways for brands to connect with people—smartphones, tablets, apps, social media, video, even cars—and as […]

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How to Spend a Social Media Budget

You’ve heard about those huge companies, who spend millions of dollars every month on marketing, right? You have definitely heard of others too, who don’t spend almost anything. Regardless of how much you are planning to invest in your marketing budget, it’s obvious that you should spend it wisely. What would you do if you […]

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Why You Should Own Your Data

If you’re just starting out with analytics, building an end-to-end analytics infrastructure is probably overkill (for reference, it cost a company with more than 500 employees 13 months and $240k to build theirs). However, having access to the raw underlying data is strongly encouraged nonetheless, since one day it can help you answer granular questions […]

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Competing on Customer Journeys

The explosion of digital technologies over the past decade has created “empowered” consumers so expert in their use of tools and information that they can call the shots, hunting down what they want when they want it and getting it delivered to their doorsteps at a rock-bottom price. In response, retailers and service providers have […]

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Marketing Tech Evolves Beyond Automation and Toward Intuition

Marketing technology these days is increasingly focused on the future, as marketing moves away from its traditional role of generating demand and more toward a new role of anticipating demand. Instead of a focus on the “mechanization” of common processes like email management, marketing tech is becoming infused with a kind of “marketing intuition” — […]

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A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. These techniques can be used to make highly accurate predictions. Keep scrolling. Using a data set about homes, we will create a machine learning model to distinguish homes in New York from homes in San Francisco. [Read More]

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What the Dickens to Do About Marketing Tech

There’s no astute modern marketer who doesn’t know the name Scott Brinker. In 2011 the CTO of ion interactive and author of the blog produced his first Lumascape-esque logorama of marketing tech solutions. Digitally overwhelmed marketing executives glommed onto it like Web shoppers to free shipping offers. Brinker had boiled down the tech solution […]

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Intentional Serendipity: How Marketing Analytics Trigger Curiosity Algorithms and Surprise Discoveries

Microwave ovens. Velcro. Viagra. These and many other everyday scientific advances were discovered quite by accident. Serendipitous discovery plays a huge role not only in scientific advances, but also in major breakthroughs in marketing strategy. With more data open to marketers than ever before, marketing analytics can now play an even bigger role in revealing […]

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What 10 Travel Brand CEOs Said About Personalization in 2015

Most travel brands saw their industry with tunnel vision this year through the ambient ‘authentic,’ ‘millennials’ and ‘personalization’ catch phrases as marketing campaigns rolled out, flights and hotels were at capacity and some destinations welcomed a record number of visitors. Most came as close to perfecting their millennial marketing as they’ll likely get and several […]

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The Digital Revolution is Over: Five Predictions for What Comes Next

Two decades of innovation and disruption have built a world where it no longer makes sense to distinguish between digital and traditional forms of marketing. The future isn’t jet packs and SoLoMo (remember that one?), it’s traditional ideas brought to life with new tools and traditional channels reinvigorated by new ideas. This new, omnichannel world […]

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7 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Nestlé Waters’ CMO

The evolution of consumer behavior and technology has forced marketers to navigate uncharted waters and, as a result, rethink their strategies. Take Nestlé Waters North America, for instance. Antonio Sciuto, CMO of the organization, says that changes in technology and media consumption led the bottled water brand to shift its focus from launching solitary campaigns […]

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Marketing Automation Lessons: What CMOs Would Do Differently Next Time

Marketing automation has become one of the foundation technologies for marketing teams looking to improve the way they identify prospects, nurture leads and manage customer communications. But these platforms don’t work in isolation, nor can they simply be implemented without the right support structures, change management processes and strategies in place. With the benefit of […]

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IBM Watson Can Analyze the Tone of a Message

IBM researchers have created the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, a supercomputer application which can read a message and judge the tone conveyed in the message. This is the kind of task that a human can do naturally, but that takes a lot more intelligence than a computer can usually deliver. But Rama Akkiraju, distinguished engineer […]

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