Three Myths About the Digital Economy

The digital economy is bigger than you think. Much bigger. Some call it the Second Machine Age. The Germans refer to it as Industry 4.0. In Davos, the World Economic Forum has crowned it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. No one is playing down the future impact of digital. But there is a danger that many […]

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A Marketer’s Guide to the Perfect Headline

Let’s start with a fundamental question: How are posts shared? It’s not the blog post, tool, or resource that gets shared. That might be what motivates the person who is sharing it, but all that ends up getting shared is the headline. The headline is what you share with your subscribers, it’s what people see […]

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Intentional Serendipity: How Marketing Analytics Trigger Curiosity Algorithms and Surprise Discoveries

Microwave ovens. Velcro. Viagra. These and many other everyday scientific advances were discovered quite by accident. Serendipitous discovery plays a huge role not only in scientific advances, but also in major breakthroughs in marketing strategy. With more data open to marketers than ever before, marketing analytics can now play an even bigger role in revealing […]

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Why Consumer Intent is More Powerful Than Demographics

Marketers who rely only on demographics to reach consumers risk missing more than 70% of potential mobile shoppers. Why? Because demographics rarely tell the whole story. Understanding consumer intent is much more powerful. Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP of marketing, shares how starting with intent can help you reach more of the right people than demographics […]

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Study Finds Marketers are Prioritizing Personalization… But are Further Behind Than They Realize

A new study by Forrester, commissioned by SAP Hybris, finds that although marketers are prioritizing personalization efforts across channels, they are less advanced than their customers think or expect. The study compares the perspectives of 200 marketers with those of 1200 consumers. Although two-thirds of the marketers surveyed rate their personalization efforts as “very good” […]

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5 Rules for Socially Engaged Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is upon us and ShareThis has distilled five essential rules for reaching socially engaged consumers. Knowing what your consumers are talking about heading into the holidays with pre-holiday shopper insights can make all the difference. With the digital world being the primary driver of both online and in-store traffic, ShareThis used a […]

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6 Neuromarketing Principles That Are Always True

Of all the scientific fields and developments that have been adopted by marketers, neuromarketing is one of the most fascinating and rapidly developing. The field of neuromarketing was first developed in the 1990s by psychologists at Harvard University, and it has since become a significant influence on modern marketing techniques. Although the idea is nascent, […]

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15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Generation Z

Members of Gen Z, born after 1995, are quite different than their Millennial counterparts, with their own set of expectations when interacting with companies. They are the first truly mobile-first generation, so they place a big emphasis on personalization and relevance. In addition, Gen Zers are entrepreneurial and resourceful, courtesy of growing up during a […]

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