The Marketing Savvy Powering TripAdvisor’s Global Growth


TripAdvisor knows a thing or two about growth. In 2014, the world’s largest travel site saw 1.246 billion in revenue, an increase of 32% over 2013. The company’s product offering has expanded too. TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking Platform has growing steadily since its rollout in 2014; Priceline’s was recently added to its roster of participants.

TripAdvisor’s CMO Barbara Messing has been a driving force behind this growth. Over her nearly five years of spearheading marketing at TripAdvisor, she’s implemented smart strategies with the user in mind to build brand loyalty and attract new users.

Mashable talked marketing with Messing, digging into the tactics TripAdvisor has employed to drive growth. From the importance of customized communication to Messing’s own advice for navigating holiday travel (hint: TSA Precheck is worth it), read on for the interview. [Read More]