This Project to Reinvent the Physical Newsstand is Way More Interesting Than Apple’s News App


Imagine that instead of queuing up in a coffee shop in the morning, you make a quick stop at a kiosk on your way to work and buy a bottle of cold brew coffee and a protein bar with a scan of your smartphone.

As you pay, you notice a shelf with an Oculus Rift headset on it. You ask the cashier what it’s there for and he tells you that it’s demonstrating a new game and asks, “Would you like to try it?”

This is the futuristic shopping experience that Mother cofounder Andrew Deitchman hopes to achieve with his latest venture: the New Stand. Mother is a nebulous ad agency known for going outside the bounds of traditional advertising, like when it created a full length feature film that won Best British Film at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2008. The company also has an investment arm. It’s no shocker that Deitchman’s new project puts an unconventional spin on newsstands that feels far more innovative than Apple’s recently released News app. [Read More]