To Sell to Digital Natives, Web Personalization is a Requirement, Not a Nice-to-Have


Web personalization is different from other marketing channels, according to a new study by Andrew Jones for VB Insight.

In Jones’ most recent study, he explains that the majority of your web visitors — 95-98 percent for B2C and 57-90 percent for B2B — are anonymous. That means you can’t rely on the kind of rich profile data you might collect, and make use of, in your customer relationship management (CRM) or email marketing solutions. But all is not lost.

“Browsing is a very active process,” Jones said in his study. “Each mouse hover or click is a signal, and even factors like time spent on a page correlate to interest (or perhaps disinterest if it’s very short). In email, by contrast, there’s very little signal beyond open-rate and click-through.”

But there’s an issue right now. [Read More]