What the Dickens to Do About Marketing Tech


There’s no astute modern marketer who doesn’t know the name Scott Brinker. In 2011 the CTO of ion interactive and author of the Chiefmartec.com blog produced his first Lumascape-esque logorama of marketing tech solutions. Digitally overwhelmed marketing executives glommed onto it like Web shoppers to free shipping offers. Brinker had boiled down the tech solution universe for them into 100 companies that could be printed out on a single sheet of 8×10 paper. Just four years later, 100 has blossomed into 1,876 and Brinker’s neat, little guide sheet has metamorphosed into a graphic horror novel of sorts for marketers.

“Almost 2,000 logos,” marvels Mike Ballard, senior manager of digital marketing for Lenovo’s commercial marketing division. “You look at that chart and you think this is a great time in our lives. But it’s a double-edged sword. Every time you add something to the stack, you’re adding complexity and budget and dedicated resources—and, if we’re not careful, we can almost overwork ourselves and not use technology to its fullest capabilities.” [Read More]